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Active Ingredients

  • It contains 80% of unsaturated fatty acids and the majority is essential which means your body can’t produce it on its own it has to come from an outer source. By incorporating it into skincare products it effectively stops the unwanted moisture loss and boosts the natural water retention of cells. It also helps maintain a healthy skin structure.

  • We also find stem cells in human skin, which are responsible not only for the formation of new cells, but also for the self-maintenance of the cell through self-reproduction.

  • Caviar is an excellent active ingredient for aging skin that effectively help skin nourishing and regeneration thus slows down aging processes.

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile helps treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, rashes ot other skin irritations. 

  • As it is enhancing the circulation, it is effectively treat microcircular fat metabolism and fat distribution disorders, as well as circulatory disorders leading to cellulite.

  • Glycerol is a moisture binding molecule: it is very similar in function to hyaluronic acid, which is another well-known moisturizing ingredient in skin care products.

  • Cosmetology researches have indicated that gold acts as a catalyst in the epidermis. The effect of the granule on the skin is based on the fact that electron transport is taken place between the non-charged gold particles and the naturally occurring metal ions in the skin. And electron migration helps the cell renewal process.

  • Choose fresh and matt skin, forget excessive shine. Use Solanie cream with Jojoba oil!

  • Forget needles and choose the power of peptides for your beauty!

  • Also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid, niacinamide is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging and blemish-prone skin.

  • Say goodbye to the unpleasant symptoms of dry skin, inflammation, itching and peeling and choose a nourishing Solanie cream with evening primrose oil to relieve the symptoms!

  • The shea butter is also called shíyiri or shísu, so from this names came the present form: shea. The tree is called ghariti in Senegal, so the other name karité, came from french.

  • The pressed oil from the sweet almond tree’s crop (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil) is one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients.

  • Tiger grass strengthens blood vessels walls and helps dialate them, and is also known for its high antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Rebuild your skin's structure and make its defence system stronger.

    Vitamin A is an important nutrient for the skin and is found in two basic forms in the diet.

  • Skin tightening and contouring with the power of the vitamin!

  • Equip yourself with the strongest antioxidant fighter against skin aging caused by environmental damage!

  • Smash the wall of your dry skin, and rebuild it with Solanie products containing vitamin F!