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3+1 beautifying tips for summer skincare routine

As the weather worthy of June has arrived, it is necessary to adjust summer skincare routine to the heat. To maintain the health and beauty of our skin Solanie’s beautician team has collected 3+1 beautifying tips for appropriate summer skincare routine.

Beautifying summer fruits - or what do you eat for healthy skin?

The food we eat greatly affects the condition of our skin. In addition to being delicious, the fruits are also extremely healthy and their skin-beautifying effect is unquestionable. We can get a lot of vitamins and minerals from different fruits, which also have an effect on our facial skin. In this article, we will show you which are the seasonal fruits that are essential to eat because of their beautifying effect.

Sensitive, dry, combination skin type? Which one do you belong to? Get to know your skin!

If we want to categorize the type of the skin, we can talk about dry, normal, oily and combination skin types, to which we can add the so-called sensitive skin type. Although professionals distinguish many other categories in skin diagnosis, we ourselves, at home, may still be able to easily classify our skin into one of these categories.

Night creams for your beauty

We are going to talk about the importance of night face creams as there is little to read about it. One of the most important final steps in skin care routine is the use of night- time creams, because just like our body, so the cells of our skin are renewed, regenerated and relaxed at night.

Solanie won MagyarBrands award for the second time

MagyarBrands program has awarded the most successful Hungarian brands for 11 years in a row. Recent years have proven, that the award is an active help to consumers: embodiments perfection, works as a compass in the field of decision making.