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To whom do we recommend it?

For wrinkled, weakly functioning skin in order to be youthful and to have sharper contour. Age group: 35+


Among the modern cosmetics methods one of the most promising discoveries was the realization of the plant stem cells’ effect on the skin. They replanish the cells responsible for the production of skin with vitality and strength, so rejuvenating the skin. They give hope at slowing down the wheel of time. They activate the production of fibres responsible for elasticity by this helping the restoration of your contour lines’ firmness. We use the unique plant stem cells of the argan tree during the treatment.

What results can you expect after the treatment?

Firm contour lines, soft and smooth skin.

What do you receive during the treatment?űveleti

Treatment step Target
Cleansing with gentle, creamy face milk Skin cleansing to remove dirt and make up
Skin peeling with 2in1 AHA peeling Removing dead cells, opening the way for the active substances
Tonifying with hydrating tonic Freshening and hydrating the skin
Ultrasonic cell activation with argan plant stem cell serum and mask Hydrating and firming of the skin deeper layers, enhancing cell metabolism
Eye care with argan plant stem cell anti-wrinkle serum Hydrating, tightening and calming eye zone
Massage with Argan Energy oil with Q10 Relaxing, stimulating energetic points, helping the absorption of active substances into the skin
Cell activation, regeneration with alginate mask “Locking” active substances  into the skin, vitalising, regenerating
UV protection  and moisturizing Increasing skin defending function, regenerating, moderating of the free radicals’ damaging effects