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To whom do we recommend it?

For dehydrated, energy-poor, pale, thin skin; to enhance its vitality and moisture content.
Age group: 25+


In the Solanie Gold treatment 99,99% clear, 24-carat American Mesogold colloidal gold is used to activate skin processes. The gold multiplies the skin’s absorption skill. In order to regain the youthful elasticity of the skin, it activates the integration of certain substances, such as hyaluronic acid. You are pampered like a queen during the entire treatment, in order to get rid of your everyday pressure and get back to your daily life with glamorous skin and strengthened spirit.

What result can you expect after the treatment?

Hydrated, full of life, firm skin and sharp face contour.

What do you receive during the treatment?lép

Treatment steps Target
Cleansing with gentle, creamy face milk Skin cleansing to remove dirt and make up
Skin peeling with 2in1 AHA peeling, unique massage Removing dead cells, opening the way for active substances
Tonifying with hydrating tonic Freshening and hydrating the skin
Hydrating with gold-hyaluronic acid serum Hydrating skin, preparation to absorb active substances
Ultrasonic cell activation with nano-granulated gold mask
Hydrating the skin deeper layers, getting the gel mask into the skin, tightening, activating
Massage with massage milk Helping the absorption of active substances into the skin, delaying the aging processes, improving the skin physiological processes
Eye care according to skin type Hydrating, tightening and calming of the eye zone
Calming, nourishing with alginate mask “Locking” active substances  into the skin, calming
UV protection and moisturizing Increasing skin defending function and moisturizing