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To whom do we recommend it?

For under-functioning, tired skin that requires enhanced care; to regenerate and energize.
Age group: 35+


The Q10 regulates the energy supply of the cells, and so the whole body. It is functioning as a catalyst. Its antioxidant skill aids relieving the skin from the accumulated free radicals. These effects help skin concentrate on its functional processes with its all effort, reducing the depth of wrinkles, restoring elasticity and filling it up with youthful freshness.

What results can you expect after the treatment?

Silky, soft skin that got tighter, more elastic and lively.

What do you receive during the treatment?

Treatment steps Target
Cleansing with gentle, creamy face milk Skin cleansing to remove dirt and make up
Skin peeling with 2in1 AHA peeling Removing dead cells, opening the way for active substances
Tonifying with hydrating tonic Freshening and hydrating the skin
Hydrating with energizing concentrate Hydrating the skin, preparation to absorb active substances
Tissue mask soaked in energezing concentrate Hydrating, tightening, energizing skin deeper layers
Promote the absorption of active substances by ultrasonic device
Making the skin hydrated and restoring elasticity
Massage with massage milk Helping the absorption of active substances into the skin, delaying the aging processes, improving the skin physiological processes
Eye care according to skin type Hydrating, tightening and calming of the eye zone
Calming, nourishing with alginate mask “Locking” active substances  into the skin, calming
UV protection and moisturizing Increase skin defending function and moisturizing