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Say goodbye to dry skin and get silky soft one!

A simple definition of dry skin is that the skin loses moisture, and not able to reproduce it, becomes dehydrated. Due to the dehydration of keratin and epithelial layers, surface wrinkles appear and in the long run the biochemical processes in the skin cannot take place perfectly either.

How can you slow down skin aging?

Perhaps one of the most popular and accepted theories of aging is the free radical theory. This means the huge amount of free radicals causes skin problems, such as wrinkles, inelasticity, staining, so they are responsnible for almost all the external skin problems.

Apply! Massage! Wrap!

 Tight legs, cellulite-free thighs, don't give it up during quarantine either!
We will show you the best body treatment at home.

Let’s celebrate our Mothers!

By giving them Solanie With Lots of Love sets, what you can purchase now with 20% discount!

Mother’s Day is a world widely celebrated holiday, when we can appreciate those who brought us into this world. Different countries celebrate it on different days, but in Hungary Mother’s Day is always the first Sunday of May. Which is the 3rd of May this year.