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Evening primrose

Evening primrose also occurs in Hungary as a wild plant. Blooms every summer evening: at dusk the flower buds open in a few seconds, then wither in the morning, new ones open the next evening. The day by day reborning flower is not just a beautiful one, also has a significant medical role.

Its oil contains two main fatty acids: unsaturated lonoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid, and gamma-linolenic acid, which is a form of saturated omega6 fatty acid. Gamma-linolenic acid helps to reduce  skin water loss and helps maintain the healthy structure of the skin’s stratum corneum. Also an antioxidant, and helps skin cells regeneration. So evening primrose oil is really popular in anti-aging products, because it helps to keep drier skin hydratated as it ages, reduces the effects of free radicals and help skin regeneration and cell renewal.

  • helps to reduce skin water loss
  • increases skin protection ability
  • can reduce the roughness, dryness and redness of skin surfaces
  • by using it, the skin will become more hydrated, healthier and firmer
  • helps cell functions and metabolic processes

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