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Everything, you did not know about free radicals so far

What are free radicals and how do you fight against their harmful effects? What role do antioxidants play? So, what is oxidative stress? The concept of free radicals is not a new thing, we have all heard about it, and in recent years these small molecules have become the main enemy of our health. Everyone is aware that free radicals are harmful and make the body sick. But it's also good to know how to protect yourself against them!

The role of vitamins in autumn skin care – interview with Eszter Tamás

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of our body. They also play a key role in autumn skincare and regular consumption will keep your skin healthier and younger-looking in the long term. Vitamins keep your skin fresh, fight free radicals, boost collagen production, protect against harmful rays, smooth out fine lines, firm and vitalize skin. Vitamins cannot be missed in autumn!

Tips for the autumn from Gabriella Szabó master beautician

Your skin requires different skincare products as autumn arrives, than in the rest of the year. During the autumn season your skin is affected by extreme conditions like windy, rainy weather and dry, heated room as well. Gabriella Szabó, master beautician, gives you hints how to take care of your skin in autumn and she also offers some basic cosmetics what you must have in your bathroom.

How to take care of your skin at the end of summer

Your skin is definitely under more pressure during summer due to extensive sun exposure, the water chlorination of the pool and the dry air of air-conditioned rooms. Your skin does not forget, so if you did not pay enough attention to skincare during summer, the fall should be all about your skincare. The expert team from Solanie collected all those cosmetics, which can provide you an urgent help and assure that your skin will be well hydrated, healthy and glowing in fall and winter seasons.

Sensitive, dry, combination skin type? Which one do you belong to? Get to know your skin!

If we want to categorize the type of the skin, we can talk about dry, normal, oily and combination skin types, to which we can add the so-called sensitive skin type. Although professionals distinguish many other categories in skin diagnosis, we ourselves, at home, may still be able to easily classify our skin into one of these categories.