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About Us

More than 25 years ago Alveola Ltd. was founded in order to help professional cosmeticians’ everyday job with high quality and outstanding products. The founding family has a long-lasting history in cosmetology, therefore, combining traditions and knowledge is very important to them. The logo of the company incorporates the family crest. During product development, they rely on the earlier research of the family’s pharmacists and also the newest developments of the beauty industry. In 1997 besides the already existing professional division Alveola started promoting a home use cosmetic line. The professional and home use division have been expanding year by year with new private label products and also with well-known Western European brands.

Private label products of the professional cosmetics division:
Alveola Waxing professional products, Alveola Equipment beauty devices – furniture, Alveola disposable products, JimJams long-lasting eyebrow and lash tint, Long Lashes 3D lash extensions, NABA – nail building, Solanie professional cosmetics;

Represented brands:
Dr Spiller cosmetics, Malu Wilz professional makeup, NOTE professional makeup, RefectoCil lash and eyebrow tint, Tana eyelash tints, BaBylissPro electrical professional hairdresser appliances, BaByliss electrical personal care appliances;

Private label products of the home use cosmetics division:
Original Aloe Vera drinks and cosmetics, JimJams Beauty facial care products, JimJams wipes, Antibacterial hand and skin sanitizer, X-Epil hair removal equipment and products, X-Epil Intimo intimate hygiene products, X-Epil pregnancy tests;

Our philosophy

The success of Alveola Ltd. is due to a strong relationship between professionalism, motivation and high quality through the years. Our goal is to meet high quality standard everywhere - in the workflow, provided services and business processes.
Our faith towards high quality is truly expressed through our quality policy.
Our aim is to take advantage of new opportunities on the market, meanwhile also measure up to our customers’ rising expectations.

Alveola Ltd. Hungary, 1143 Budapest, Gizella street 28/A.
Tel.: +36-1- 251-2270 Fax: 36-1- 460-0248
E-mail: information@alveola.com

Our wholesale store can be found at the address of our headquarters: Hungary, 1143 Budapest, Gizella street 28/A
Purchase is strictly only with special customer card for professionals and resellers.