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Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in skin mouisturizing

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular ingredients you can use in your home skin care to preserve your youthful beauty. Why? Review our active ingredient guide and that answers this question.

Micellar water is the key to perfect facial cleansing

With the help of Micellar cleanser and make-up remover you can remove dirt and make-up remnants from your skin more thoroughly than ever before. Without any irritating rubbing you can clean it with one move, and allow it to breathe and then prepare it for further care.

Hand cream and skin care oil in gift sets for Christmas

Two of our fall novelties couldn’t come at a better time, as now our hands require the most care. With our new Christmas packages, you can give yourself or your family members the joy of hand care and reward their diligence and work with a little care.

Autumn skin care for modern urban life

Solanie’s unique Grape-hyaluron line offers special skin care solution for urban life.
For everyone who wants to protect her skin from the harmful effects of UV-rays, air pollution and environmental factors of everyday civilization.

Say goodbye to dry skin and get silky soft one!

A simple definition of dry skin is that the skin loses moisture, and not able to reproduce it, becomes dehydrated. Due to the dehydration of keratin and epithelial layers, surface wrinkles appear and in the long run the biochemical processes in the skin cannot take place perfectly either.