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Solanie Mesopetide set


Bring the professional cosmetical mesotherapy effect into your home with the newest Solanie MesoPeptide products. Try out the impressively effective skincare experience with our MesoPeptide package which could be an efficient partner in making your mimic wrinkles less visible.

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Have a wonderful skincare experience with the efficiency of mesotherapy.

With Solanie’s newest MesoPeptide package you can achieve anything you would like. Starting with tonifying through special exfoliating to anti-ageing and wrinkle smoothing effect. The series’ needleless mesotherapy elixir is based on a unique 3 peptide supercomplex which, besides its effective skin-nourishing impact, can also achieve the smoothing, densifying and stretching effect of collagen injections used during aesthetic treatments. All of this easily, at home without any stress.

Firstly, use the Micellar makeup remover that attracts impurities like a magnet. The unique 4 in 1 effects are: cleansing, hydrating, soothing, refreshing. One weekly peeling session is a huge help towards removing the dead skin cells. Every day in the morning and at night use the anti-ageing and wrinkle smoothing elixir on the forehead, mouth and eye area. With the needleless mesotherapy effect based on the Neodermyl®, Argirelin® and Leuphasyl® peptide complexes with a regular application it can visibly decrease the depth of the wrinkles and improve skin density and flexibility after 2 weeks.

The set includes:

  • SO11200 Solanie Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling exfoliating gel 30ml
  • SO11205 Solanie Perfect Relax 3 peptides mimic wrinkle-smoothing elixir 15ml
  • SO10110 Solanie Micellar face and makeup remover liquid 150ml

Application: Exfoliate the already clean skin once a week. Apply a few drops of gel with a wet hand and evenly distribute it on the skin, then wash it off after 2-3 minutes. Use the makeup remover in the evenings or occasionally by dripping it on a cotton pad on the whole face with gentle movements. Apply the anti-wrinkle elixir every morning and evening in a small amount by evenly distributing it on the face with gentle movements.

By purchasing a Solanie Mesopeptide package you get a free towel as a gift.


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Active ingredient:
Vitamin E,
Recommended for skin type:
All skin type
Skin cell regeneration
445 g