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Solanie Argan stem cell set - With lots of love


With lots of love - this is the perfect choice for your loved ones to enjoy on their birthday, name day, women's day or mothers’ day.

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Every woman deserves the best, so we have selected the most popular products for the package.

If you love when things go quickly and easily, micellar cleanser and makeup remover will be your favourite. It attracts dirt like magnet. 4 in 1 formula: cleans, hydrates, calms, refreshes.

Argan stem cell products are uniquely capable of penetrating into deeper layers and protecting and vitalizing the stem cells responsible for the youth of the skin.

Argan day cream is a light cream with sun protection for oily and combined skin as well.

As a result of its daily use the skin density increases and the depth of wrinkles is decreased furthermore the normal cells’ cycle time is optimized.

The saviour of the tired, dehydrated, in need of nourishing hands is Solanie's latest cherry blossom hand cream.
It not only nourishes and hydrates but also calms the irritated skin with the help of chamomile and panthenol ingredients.

It does not leave a greasy feeling after application so it can be used without any discomfort for any skin type.

The set includes:

  • SO11601 Argan stem cells protect day cream - 50ml
  • SO10110 Micellar cleanser and make-up remover - 150ml
  • SO23018 Soalnie basic - Hand cream softening & nourishing - 50ml

A gift towel is included in the Argan Stem Cell set! 

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Active ingredient:
jojoba oil
Recommended for skin type:
Skin cell regeneration
515 g