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Surviving tips for quarantine time

  • April 14,2020

In such hard, testing times, we have to try home made practices, to keep our beauty. On the other hand, identify our own skin type is always risky without help of our cosmetician. The world of creams, serums and ampullas are quite complex, without knowing exactly which type and what specifics we need to look for. But if you are in such circumstance, don’t be afraid to use basic practices that you are sure of. It can come in handy.

Surviving tips for quarantine time

You can’t exactly replace your Cosmetician, but at least you can try
Visiting the cosmetics can be very comfortable and comes with good benefits. Especially because a specialist can easily tell your skin type, diagnose your skin problems and can suggest you treatments containing such components that is good for your own skin especially. If you are lucky you already know what is good for you, and which products your cosmetician uses. If you are not so lucky, just follow the three easy steps that’ll help you get through these times without your favourite beauty salon open.

Peeling, so your skin can take more from moisturizers
No matter how good your cream you use while your daily beauty routine is, if you are not cleaning your skin properly than, nothing is going to be effective really. Cosmeticians are knowing their “magic weapons” with peeling products, before they start your skin treatment. They use it to remove the dead skin cells, oily layer and dirt from your face, so creams and serums can easily go inside your skin. Peeling products can be mechanical (with rubbing sand) and chemical (f.e. AHA, enzyme) types, but both has same purposes.
The Mango-Rice AHA facial peeling is our expert’s recommendation, for both mechanical and chemical facial peeling to make your life easier. The rubbing effect of rice granules helps you remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and helps cleaning out pores and adsorbing impurities. The AHA acids are gently rejuvenating your skin and help nourishing, but taking the shininess away.

Hydrate your skin, because dried out skin can indicate early wrinkles
If you don’t do anything else with your skin but hydrate it, you can be certain you are not causing any trouble for yourself. Proper care against dehydration not only helps against wrinkles, but improves elasticity and moisturizing skin cells deeply. Helps to better absorption of hyaluronic acid, which is an ultimate choice, you can never be wrong with. Its high water retention capacity naturally increases the hydration of connective tissue. This component can be found naturally in your own skin as well, especially in places where you have the most elastic parts.
Hyaluronic acid serums are the perfect choice to keep your skin hydrated. Either you use it independently or in combination with other creams, it will stay effective. If you need complex skin care, we suggest you to use our Grape- hyaluron detox set, that nourishes deeply with help of antioxidants. That is everything you need for your home beauty sessions.

Help your skin hold in water, with using fattier booster creams
Hydration is not enough if you forget the last and most important step! When you leave the beauty salon your skin is always so oily soft and fresh, isn’t it? That is because your cosmetician is using a special technic to reoil your skin, at the end of your treatment. All this to help your skin moisturizing. No matter how much you know about skin care, you need to understand that oily skin closes in all the water so it can be more effective by deep hydration. Doing this causing you develop your own skin protect system.
Solanie Argan Plant Stem Cells Protect Day Cream is the best choice for you to keep yourself hydrated and give yourself some extra care. This is a great moisturizing cream for day-time protection. Special argan stem cells have proven efficacy on protection and vitalization of dermal stem cells.