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Micellar water is the key to perfect facial cleansing

  • November 25,2020

With the help of Micellar cleanser and make-up remover you can remove dirt and make-up remnants from your skin more thoroughly than ever before. Without any irritating rubbing you can clean it with one move, and allow it to breathe and then prepare it for further care.

Micellar water is the key to perfect facial cleansing

Regular facial cleansing is not only a part of daily hygiene, but also the base of effective skin care. Contaminants that accumulate on the skin during the day, mixed with sebum on the surface, not only provide an ideal environment for the growth of various bacteria, but also prevent the penetration of cosmetics applied to the skin and their utilization within the deeper layer of the skin.

Solanie Micellar cleanser can be effective in the daily cleansing of the facial skin and the removal of various make-up. The composition, which is based on special micellar technology, easily removes impurities such as dust mixed with sebum or other contaminants throughout the day, as well as waterproof make-up, which stubbornly resist all kind of cleansing cosmetics.

The key to the effectiveness of micelles is that water-soluble (dust, dirt) and oily (sebum, makeup) impurities are easily loosened and attracted as magnets, whether hidden on the skin surface or deep in the pores. All this is simply done without any irritating rubbing or smudging the dirt on the skin.

Solanie's Micellar cleanser and make-up remover has a 3 in 1 effect: cleanses, hydrates and soothes the skin. Even if you use it every day, it does not make the skin dry or irritate it. Use it regularly in your beauty routine, and your skin can breathe and switch from a survivor mode to a regenerating, skin rejuvenating mode. At the same time, your skin becomes more receptive to serums, elixirs, creams and beauty masks applied according to your skin type, and all of these can prevent premature skin aging.

Why it is good to use Solanie Micellar cleanser:

  • Provides gentle cleansing of the facial skin
  • It does not require irritating rubbing when used
  • You can remove dirt without smearing
  • Easily loosens oily dirt (eg sebum, makeup)
  • Effectively removes water-soluble dust and dirt
  • It also attracts dirt deep in the pores
  • It can be used effectively in small amount