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Let’s celebrate our Mothers!

  • April 29,2020

By giving them Solanie With Lots of Love sets, what you can purchase now with 20% discount!

Mother’s Day is a world widely celebrated holiday, when we can appreciate those who brought us into this world. Different countries celebrate it on different days, but in Hungary Mother’s Day is always the first Sunday of May. Which is the 3rd of May this year.

Let’s celebrate our Mothers!

Surprise your beloved Mother, Grandmother, Auntie or Godmother of yours to impress your gratefulness for them and celebrate Mother’s Day together!

Our beauticians have picked the right products very carefully, with caring love, so you only have to choose from the sets.

SO10033 Solanie Grape- hyaluron Detox set- With lots of love

Solanie's special Grape Hyaluron product line offers a special skin care solution for modern urban life. The "Hydroxidant" effect is recommended for anyone who wants to maximize the health of her skin, and is looking for a youthful and radiant look while protecting her skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, air pollution and everyday civilization environmental factors.
The set includes:

  • SO11703 Solanie Grape-Hyaluron Foamy Cleanser 150 ml
  • SO11704 Solanie Grape-Hyaluron Facial Scrub 30 ml
  • SO11705 Solanie Grape-Hyaluron Moisturizing creamgel with TO complex 50 ml
  • + Gift: SO250003 Solanie green towel 30x50 cm 

SO10029 Solanie Argan stem cell set - With lots of love

Every woman deserves the best, so we have selected the most popular products for this package. If you love when things go quickly and easily, micellar cleanser and makeup remover will be your favourite. It attracts dirt like magnet. 4 in 1 formula: cleanses, hydrates, calms, refreshes. Argan stem cell products are uniquely capable of penetrating into deeper layers and protecting and vitalizing the stem cells responsible for the youth of the skin.
The set includes:

  • SO11601 Argan stem cells protect day cream 50ml
  • SO10110 Micellar cleanser and make-up remover 150ml
  • SO23018 Soalnie basic - Hand cream softening & nourishing 50ml
  • + Gift: SO250003 Solanie green towel 30x50 cm 

SO10030 Solanie Collagen Moisturizer set - With lots of love

If you need sun protection for your skin and want to hydrate it easily, collagen moisturizing day cream is the perfect choice for you. Collagen supports the restoration of the elasticity of your skin and the SPF15 protects against harmful rays that accelerate ageing. Use Solanie Skin nectar no.6 with caviar and ceramide daily for the regeneration of the area of the eyes and for reducing wrinkles. The thinned and inelastic area of the eyes becomes stronger, more hydrated and full of life.
The set includes:

  • SO10907 Solanie Collagen moisturizing day creamfluid high UV protect 50ml
  • SO20516 Solanie Skin nectar no.6 15ml
  • SO23018 Solanie Basic Hand cream softening & nourishing 50ml
  • + Gift: SO250003 Solanie green towel 30x50 cm 

Mother’s Day Poem

Wishing You a Wonderful Day
Sending this, Mom,
Especially to say
Wishing you a happy
And wonderful day...
And to tell you this day
Will always be one
For remembering the many
Sweet things you have done!
~ Anon.