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Everything, you did not know about free radicals so far

What are free radicals and how do you fight against their harmful effects? What role do antioxidants play? So, what is oxidative stress? The concept of free radicals is not a new thing, we have all heard about it, and in recent years these small molecules have become the main enemy of our health. Everyone is aware that free radicals are harmful and make the body sick. But it's also good to know how to protect yourself against them!

Everything, you did not know about free radicals so far

Free radicals can be found everywhere in the body, but you can mostly hear of them in relation to skin care.

We'll be exploring the topic with Eszter Tamás - Solanie, Business development associate and beautician.

What are free radicals?

We can imagine free radicals as aggressive, uncharged, highly reactive oxygen molecules with an odd number of electrons. These electrons cannot bond (they are unstable), so they start to damage cells, proteins or DNA by stealing atoms from them.

The formation of free radicals is linked to normal metabolic processes; after all, they are the by-products of our own cellular metabolism. But this process is also supported by a number of external factors: smoking, ultraviolet and radioactive radiation, excessive alcohol consumption, stress (work, social, etc.), chemicals, environmental pollution.

What is oxidative stress?

When the balance between the oxidation processes in the body and the antioxidants is tipped over in favour of the former, the antioxidants cannot scavenge free radicals, we talk about oxidative stress. Therefore, the skin becomes imbalanced, its ability to defend the body is reduced, leading to premature ageing. Cellular regeneration mechanisms are slowed down, and the formation of less healthy skin cells eventually leads to skin problems and premature ageing.

What is the role of antioxidants in the fight against free radicals?

Antioxidants (free radical scavengers) protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and slow down cell damage.

Skin and nutrition are closely linked. Eating foods that are lacking in essential micronutrients not only has serious consequences for your body, but is also bad for your skin. In fact, our skin is the first to show symptoms: it becomes inflamed, flabby, wrinkled and more prone to skin cancer.

That's why it's so important to eat nutritious foods from natural sources and to choose cosmetics rich in antioxidant ingredients. These serums or creams support healthy skin function and contain antioxidant extracts that help to bind free radicals from environmental damage (e.g. vitamins A, C and E, ferulic acid, resveratrol, niacinamide, green tea).

Which products would you recommend?

The Solanie Grape-hyaluron line was born because of the modern urban living. The products of this line offer maximum protection against harmful environmental influences. Their powerful antioxidant action inhibits oxidative damage to skin cells and boosts the ability of skin defence system.

With their patented TO Complex®, they neutralise free radicals harmful to skin cells. Multi-functional emulsifier enhances water retention and maintains a healthy skin barrier. Added triple action hyaluronic acid binds precious moisture.

 The grape hyaluronic line moisturizes, fills wrinkles, provides maximum protection, contains triple action hyaluronic acid with high water binding capacity, contributes to the formation and maintenance of a healthy skin barrier.