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5 useful tips for the perfect winter skincare routine

  • February 11,2020

Our skin is facing new challenges with every season but winter stands out a bit more due to its weather and other conditions. Neither the cooler outside air nor the heated inside dry air contains enough moisture to maintain the skin’s normal condition. The skin surface on our face and hands that is in contact with the external environment is constantly exposed to irritation not only because of the weather but due to the rubbing effect of taking on and off clothes whenever we leave or arrive back home.

5 useful tips for the perfect winter skincare routine

In order to make sure that winter is just one of the four seasons in terms of your skincare routine, our experts collected the 5 most important areas for you, of which if you pay attention to you can easily pull it through the winter.

Intentionally choose more oily creams

During winter your skin loses its hydration not only because of the weather but also because of the continuously on and off taken clothes. You probably have also noticed that your forehead under the hat, your hands in the gloves or your body that’s in contact with any close-fitting clothes dries out. If you don’t change your regular skincare routine then in some extreme cases even eczema spots can appear on your skin which leads to a visit to your dermatologist.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of using more oily creams during winter. Don’t be scared of much heavier creams compared to summer creams either because these supply your skin surface with enough lipids to avoid the unwanted moisture loss.

Be careful with exfoliating

One of the most important rules of the experts’ is that don’t exfoliate dry skin or just very gently. This refers to you as well, because the hydration of your biggest organ depends on the amount of water in your body and the amount of tallow on the surface of your skin. If you keep exfoliating regularly and harshly during the already dry winter period you risk upsetting your water balance that can only be restored through serious sacrifices.

Tip: During winter focus on cleansing your skin with face milk rather than exfoliating. Reduce the number of skin freshening peelings to 1 per month and afterwards always use oil restoring creams.

Pay attention to your hands beside your face

We are always looking after our facial skin but never our hands during winter. However, considering the fact that during a day we wash our hands plenty of times and therefore making them dry, while we only wash our face in the morning and the evening it becomes very obvious that the already worn skin goes through a lot more stress. Thereby, it needs a lot more care.

Tip: Include the use of hand cream in your skincare routine on purpose. Before leaving home or during the day hydrate your hands so it can resist the challenges despite the all day long exposure of stress.

Freshen up and activate

With the colder winter air, the activity of your skin is also reduced. This is because the cool air touching the skin surface contracts the capillaries which cause restricted blood flow and leads to reduced nutrient supply.

Tip: During the coldest season of the year don’t be afraid of using activating creams. Freshen up and increase your skin’s blood supply so it can utilise the active compounds from the applied skincare products the most efficient way. It is important that if you activate you only do it on healthy (not irritated) skin.

Vitalise and nourish

During the coldest season, the important and essential vitamins containing fruits and vegetables disappear not only from the selves at the supermarket but also from our fridge at home. Your body and therefore your skin has a limited nutrient supply that requires attention. Keep your health and immunity not only in terms of your diet but also your skincare.

Tip: From autumn till spring incorporate vitamin containing skincare products into your routine. Your creams and your diet should always include vitamin C, D, E and B.

Be aware of the UV radiation

Most of us protect their skin from UV radiation in summer and from drying out in winter. However, winter could be just as dangerous as our warmest season in terms of UV radiation. Especially if you spend a lot of times outdoors or going on a ski trip. The angle of incidence is smaller but the radiation easily goes through the clouds. Sunlight reflected from ski slopes and the white snow could cause quick sunburn.

Tip: Even during winter choose day creams with sun protection. If you are going on a ski trip don’t forget to bring a suncream with at least 30 SPF.