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We all aspire to retain youthful skin as long as possible. Nature helps us for some time but there is a point when we have to start working for preserving its brightness and flexibility. When we decide to buy a cream we usually expect it to solve all of our skin problems as the advertisements suggest. After some time we have to realize that one swallow does not make a summer. The real weapon for the optimal solution is the consequent day to day face care routine.

Let us guide you through the steps which will help you retain the youthfulness of your skin and improve its condition.

1. CLEANSING (twice a day, in the morning and before you sleep)
Its purpose is to cleanse the skin from impurities and make-up. Put the right amount of cleansing milk or foaming gel on the skin, then move your moist fingers in a careful rotary motion on the whole face, heading from the inside to the outside, paying attention not to push the skin inwards and downwards. Then wash with wet sponge.

2. SKIN PEELING(once a week, before you sleep)
It cleans the skin and removes dead cells opening way to the active substances into the skin. Apply the recommended amount of scrub onto the skin and use gentle circular movements on all over the face for 2-3 minutes. After the application wash it off. The dead cells and inpurities block the absorption of active agents and skin breathing; thus, the regular removal of them is crucial regarding proper skin care.

3. TONIFYING (twice a day, after cleansing processes)
If you skip skin peeling after cleansing, then tonifying has to be the second step in everyday routine. Its goal is to remove the rest of the cleanser from pores and restore the skin normal 5.5 pH value. This way helping the absorption of active agents and supporting the skin defending immune mechanism. Soak two cotton pads with tonic and then wipe the whole face and neck area with gentle, inside-to-outside smoothing movements.

4. HYDRATING (twice a day, in the morning andbefore you sleep)
The state of your skin after cleansing is the most ideal to boost its hydration and intake the precious active ingredients of serums, gels or creams into the skin. If you use water based serum, apply the suggested amount on the face and neck area, then gently massage it into the skin. If you use gel or cream, massage it into the skin similarly to the serums, but you can also apply it as a mask. In this case, leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes, then massage it with circular movements and wet fingers. Finally wash off the remaining part that the skin did not absorb.

5. EYE ZONE CARE (twice a day, in the morning and before you sleep)
Do not forget that the skin around the eyes is thinner and stressed out due to the thousands of blink every day and the mimic movements of the face. It has to be treated as an absolutely separated area in compare to other skin areas. Specially developed products are needed for its proper care and to achieve our wishes. Put a small amount of eye cream or gel on your finger and apply it around the eyes. Always go from the inner to the outer corners of the eye area and smooth it with gentle, tapping movements.

6. MOISTURIZING (twice a day, in the morning and before you sleep)
The properly pre-hydrated skin more easily absorbs the active substances used in skin care products. Therefore ingredients, selected according to skin type, are utilized in a more efficient way. Day creams mostly protect skin from environmental damages and harmful UV rays. Night creams, as the skin is regenerated during the night, contain ingredients to moisturize and intensify cell regeneration. Apply a small amount of cream on the areas of forehead, cheeks and chin, and spread the cream evenly with smoothing movements from the inside to the outside.