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To whom do we recommend it?

To improve pigmented, problematic and aging skin condition, to achieve a youthful skin image.
Age group: 20+


It is a special luxury treatment in which the fruit acids make thinner your thickened horny layer, so your skin can breathe and impurities can be excreted easily. Your large pores are refined, making the skin surface more even. The physiological processes are activated that can reduce your fine surface lines rejuvenating your appearance. The unique agents that have inhibitory effect on skin pigmentation and are used in the treatment reduce the unpleasant dark spots and uneven colour. It is one of the most popular skin renewing treatments because of its effectiveness, but we recommend it for autumn or winter seasons because of its UV sensitive effect.

What results can you expect after the treatment?

Even skin colour, younger, more flexible skin. Offered course of treatment: 6-8 occasions

What do you receive during the treatment?

Treatment step Target
Cleansing with gentle cleansing foam Skin cleansing to remove dirt and make up
Skin peeling with 2in1 AHA peeling or microdermabrasion Removing dead cells, opening the way before the active substances
Tonifying with hydrating tonic Freshening and hydrating the skin
Skin exfoliation with AHA serum and skin brightening elixir Exfoliating, brightening and restructuring of skin
Skin exfoliation with tissue mask soaked in AHA peel developer liquid Exfoliating, brightening and restructuring of skin
Tonifying, neutralisation with tonic Restoring skin pH
Ultrasonic active agent-intake with vitamin C serum Hydrating and brightening the skin, increasing the formation of collagen fibres
Eye care according to skin type Hydrating, tightening and calming of the eye zone
Massage with vitamin cream mask Care of the face, neck and cleavage areas
Calming, nourishing with alginate mask “Locking” active substances  into the skin, calming
UV protection and moisturizing Increasing skin defending function and moisturizing