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Using the power of plant stem cells for skin care - How do the new generation of active ingredients work?

The beauty industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in recent years and we can use state-of-the-art ingredients, cosmetic machines and devices to delay the ageing process. If we start to explore the latest cosmetic active agents, we soon come across plant stem cell serums and face creams, which really do have a unique potential when it comes to keeping our skin youthful. Let's see what they can do and where they are derived from!

Using the power of plant stem cells for skin care - How do the new generation of active ingredients work?

What are the new generation of active substances?

There are always new terms when it comes to beauty care, with a huge range of choices due to continuous research and development. Plant stem cells are a new generation of active ingredients with outstanding importance. They are biotechnologically derived from plants and used for cosmetic purposes. Plants are chosen that can survive in harsh conditions and have excellent resistance. These stem cells contain specific proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Imagine them as catalysts, activating the stem cells of the human skin and increasing their functional capacity.

  • Argan plant stem cell: restore skin firmness, regulates sebum production, anti-inflammatory, fades scars. In addition, argan stem cell is able to penetrate deep into the skin, so it can directly act on the fibroblasts responsible for skin firmness
  • Swiss apple stem cell (PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica plant extract): helps skin renewal, stimulates the production of human stem cells, repairs cellular DNA defects, tightens, increases the skin's ability to regenerate and defend itself

Perhaps one of the most promising modern cosmetic procedures has been the discovery of the effects of plant stem cells on the skin. They replenish your skin cells with strength and vitality, rejuvenating your complexion. They activate the fibres responsible for elasticity, helping restore the firmness of your contours.

What is the impact of them? What can we expect from stem cell cosmetics?

Stem cells are also found in human skin and are responsible not only for the formation of new cells, but also for cell self-maintenance through self-replication. However, their activity decreases with age, leading to thinning of the epidermis, greyish, inelastic skin and loss of elasticity of the dermis. Although plant stem cells only have an indirect effect on skin stem cells, research has shown that they have an impact on their production activity and thus on the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

Plant stem cells fight skin ageing on several fronts: they rebuild the skin's structure, strengthen its regenerative capacity, increase its elasticity and significantly slow down the ageing process. These innovative active ingredients contain genetic information similar to that of the human stem cell, ensuring constant cell renewal.

What product should you choose if you want to experience the benefits of plant stem cells on your own skin?

You can choose from a range of products containing these miracle ingredients.

Solanie Apple Plant Stem Cells Firming Serum

Skin renewing, moisturizing, antioxidant and wrinkle smoothing, Solanie Apple Plant Stem Cell Serum with its special PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica plant extract is a real one-of-a-kind skin care product. The main ingredient of the serum is PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica extract from the Swiss apple, known for its extreme longevity. This plant essence with its unique action enhances the function of skin stem cells in the epidermis and protects their vitality. It delays the ageing of these stem cells, positively influences their viability and vitality and helps fight age-related ageing.

Solanie Argan Plant Stem Cells Renew Serum

The spectacular results of the Argan Plant Stem Cell Serum are achieved by the unique liposomal formulation of PhytoCellTech's Argan TM stem cell and the optimally selected skin function supporting ingredients.

  • Stimulates connective tissue regeneration
  • Improves skin smoothness and firmness (+12.7%)
  • Reduces wrinkle depth (-26%)

Its antioxidant component reduces cell damage caused by oxidative stress. All these synergistically enhance the protective and vitalizing effect of argan plant stem cell extract on the stem cells found in the dermis and basal layer. This helps to increase skin density, reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin's surface, and indirectly helps to maintain the normal cell cycle.

It cannot be stressed enough that anti-ageing skincare should not be started when you discover the typical signs of ageing! If we get the message too late and we already have 'broken', static wrinkles on our forehead or visibly sagging skin, we can no longer improve the condition of our skin as effectively.