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TOP 5+1 essential Solanie cosmetics for the summer

Although the real summer is still to come, the high number of hours of sunshine and increased time spent outdoors make it essential to adapt your skincare routine to the weather. To do this, we've brought you Solanie's essentials cosmetics that you can't miss from your summer skincare routine.

TOP 5+1 essential Solanie cosmetics for the summer

The invisible rays of the sun accelerate the ageing process, and pigment spots may appear due to sun exposure, not to mention sun allergy and photoaging, the ageing of the skin caused by sunlight. The skin doesn't forget, the sun damage you've suffered over a lifetime adds up. That's why it's important to have some refreshing, revitalizing and protective key cosmetics at home that you can feel confident to use on a daily basis.

1. Sunscreen

Do you like spending as much time outdoors as possible, as soon as the nice weather arrives? But you also know that the sun has its dark side, right?! But here's the good news: with the right protection, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Use a sunscreen product whenever you're outdoors. Solanie SPF 30 sunscreen offers high protection for you and your family. You can use it on both face and body and it's fragrance-free, so men love it too.

2. After sun lotion

Skin regeneration after sun exposure and tanning is often overlooked, which can cause a number of problems over the years. If you don't re-hydrate properly, your skin can become itchy, irritated and abnormally dry, all of which can contribute to premature wrinkling. Solanie After Sun Lotion Calm & Cool replenishes lost moisture and provides gentle care to ensure skin stays tanned for longer. Soothing aloe vera, panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol soothe and relieve redness, itching, uncomfortable tightness and dryness caused by sun exposure. Vitamin E protects the skin against harmful free radicals, supporting more intensive skin regeneration.

3. Peeling

In the summer, the constant sunlight can cause the skin to thicken slightly, so once or twice a week you should use a gentle, gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells. Using the Solanie Facial Peeling Cream, which combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation, your complexion will become velvety and hydrated, and be absolutely ready for the perfect absorption of additional active ingredients. Containing aloe, ginkgo, allantoin and panthenol, it soothes and regenerates irritated skin.


4. Moisturizing gelmask

After exfoliation, a refreshing, moisturizing face mask is a must. The Solanie Papaya-Mango Dynamic gelmask provides instant energy and hydration to thirsty skin. Its pleasant, fruity scent and gel texture provides SOS relief for irritated skin after sun exposure and tanning. Its extracts, rich in fruit acids, minerals and enzymes, have a revitalizing, refreshing and revitalizing-dynamizing effect on the skin. They replenish and smooth the skin, leaving it looking lush and healthy.

5. BB Creams

On hot, humid summer days, would a day cream, foundation and powder combination be too much for your skin? Use Solanie BB cream! With hyaluronic acid, sunscreen and three different shades. Solanie BB creams provide effective coverage with their intelligent pigments, and don't overload your skin with their lightweight, nourishing formula. For maximum effect, they contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid and SPF15 sun protection factor to protect against the sun's harmful rays, for an even complexion and luminous glow.

+1. Aromatic waters and body mists

The success of aromatic waters and body mists is due to their airy fragrance and refreshing effects. They fit easily in your handbag, so you can take them out anytime, anywhere to refresh yourself. Solanie Damascus Rose and Orange Blossom scented aromatic waters are invigorating and revitalizing. It contributes to the preservation of skin moisture, which is particularly important in summer. In addition, their PHA ingredient has a gentle exfoliating effect that promotes an even skin tone. Their moisturizing, skin renewing, soothing and regenerating properties make them a guaranteed favorite of yours!