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Solanie 3Peptide Anti-wrinkle set - With lots of love


With lots of love - this is the perfect choice for your loved ones to enjoy on their birthday, name day, women's day or mothers’ day. Try our effective skincare 3Peptides Anti-wrinkle set, which reduces the depht of mimic wrinkles.

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With lots of love - this set is the perfect choice for your loved ones to celebrate birthdays, name days, women's day or mothers’ day.

Unique skin care experience spiced with mesotherapy's effectiveness, that's what we call 3Peptide Anti-wrinkle set.

The line's needle-free mesotherapy elixir is based on a unique 3 peptide supercomplex, which has an effective nourishing impact on the skin. These provide the same effect as collagen injections with similar skin rejuvenating and wrinkle smoothing effect, but without any skin harmness. All this at home, easily without any extra effort!

Why choose 3Peptide Anti-wrinkle set?

  • Provides instant skin firming with its no needle rejuvenation system
  • Enjoy the firming, smoothing and skin tightening effect of collagen injections used in aesthetic treatments with our 3 peptides based formula
  • The elixir smoothes wrinkles with its anti-wrinkle ingredient, added Hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes all skin layers
  • Enzym peeling gel smoothes skin surface, and increases the absorption of skincare products
  • Reduces wrinkles depth and increases skin density with its combinated effect

The set includes:

  • SO11200 Solanie Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel 30 ml
  • SO11205 Solanie Perfect Mimic Relax 3 Peptides Elixir 15ml

Why are Solanie Beauty sets ideal?

  • The products are selected by our experts for optimal skin care effect
  • The products build on each other, and they synergistically enhance each other's efficiency
  • They provide targeted care
  • They are ideal for home use skin care and also as a gift
  • The sets contain a Solanie gift towel

Usage: Apply a thin layer to clear and wet face, avoiding the mouth and eyes areas. With a wet hand gently massage it into the skin and then, wash it off after 2-3 minutes. Use it once or twice a week. In the morning and evening after face cleansing apply 1 pump of anti-wrinkle elixir to the skin. Just after 2 weeks of the regular use of the elixir, the depth of wrinkles is visually reduced and the elasticity and density of the skin is improved, based on the effect of Neodermyl®, Argirelin® and Leuphasyl® peptide complex.

Solanie gift towel is included in the 3Peptide Anti-wrinkle set!

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