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Solanie Lifting Beauty set with Jade massaging roller


Boost the effectiveness of your favorite Solanie Vitamin C Serum, massage it for a more visible result with the Jade Massage Roller!

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Solanie Lifting Beauty Set with Jade Facial Roller is the perfect gift for yourself or your beloved ones. Indulge yourself or anyone special to you in this great set.

Jade has been used in China since the 7th century, considered as a lucky amulet, it has holistic characteristics: keeps and radiates energy. Reassures the soul, balances the energy flow, soothes the nervous system, beats bad mood. Keeps away bad energy, protects its user. During a massage, the characteristics of the stone flows into the body. Releases stress and strengthens the nerves, helps your body detoxify.

Why choose Solanie Jade Facial Roller?

  • It relaxes the facial muscles
  • Stress reliever
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Large roller – neck - décolleté, jaw, face
  • Small roller – around the eyes, mouth
  • Perfect choice for home use

The set includes:

SO25050 Solanie Jade Facial Roller

A holistic massage with a jade roller relaxes the facial muscles, relieves stress, enhances blood circulation and improves lymphatic circulation. It smoothes out fine wrinkles and reduces the edema around the eyes, making the skin more flexible and firmer. When massaging, the properties of the stone flow into our body, strengthen the nerves, have a tension-relieving effect, and also help to get rid of waste products.

SO20515 Solanie Skin Nectar No. 5 Vitamin C Serum 15ml

High concentration of Vitamin C serum, which is a perfect choice for enhancing skin immunity, forming collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity and eliminating pigment spots. Due to the soluble formula of the oil, it is absorbed into the skin faster and more efficiently than its traditional counterparts. Enhances skin immunity, optimizes skin pigmentation processes thereby reducing visible signs of aging.

+ Gift Face Wash Gloves

How to use the roller:

Apply serum, oil or cream to the skin before use to support easy gliding.

Roll from bottom to upwards to achive the lifting effect.

Extra tip:

  • heat it up in hot water to help relax the muscles
  • cool it down in the fridge to help pore tightening effect

* Note: Each stone is unique, the shade of green may be different for each one.

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